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K Studio

Kendra Shippy, Associate IIDA



Southwest Park AVE
Portland, OR 97201



"From her meticulous attention to form and functionality, to stunning aesthetic design details, Kendra Shippy is a rare gem in the field! She is professional, personable, and truly a pleasure to work with."
-Client Testimonial







Hello and welcome! I am an interior designer and aspiring architect. Design has been a deeply routed part of my being. The pure curiosity of how we live inside buildings, interact with their forms, and in many ways be manipulated by the built environment, has always been a part of who I am. From lighting design to color, and spacial organization to the details that make a superfluous wall become meaningful are all important to the development of a building’s character and impact on the occupant’s experience. And, it’s all what I enjoy doing. Someone once asked me if I am a nerd, and well, Yes! When it comes to buildings, I am. Creating a space for a specific purpose and discovering the solution to meet client’s needs while still observing code requirements and structural and budget limitations is truly a delight.